How to Set Up DNS For AzureWebSites

This article discusses old Microsoft Azure Management interface. Click here to see instructions about new interface./

Open and log in with your Live ID.

On the left, you can see the WEB SITES menu. Click on it to view all your web sites, then, after a page opens with "web sites" title, click on a web site.

After opening the web site management page, click on DASHBOARD.

What you can do with DNS depends on COMPUTE MODE of the website. In FREE mode, there is no way to set up the web site as using a custom domain, except through http redirection. There is a section call "quick glance" on the right. Find COMPUTE MODE there. If it says "Free", you can set up an http redirection to your website address, but no more.

Upscaling your Azure web site

You can upgrade your FREE hosting plan to SHARED by clicking on SCALE menu on the top and selecting SHARED as a WEB HOSTING PLAN MODE. Using SHARED hosting plan allows you to use custom domains and DNS. You may be surprised, but SHARED plan is very cheap. Then, please mind the SAVE button.

If your COMPUTE MODE is not Free, you can manage your domains in the DASHBOARD. Find the MANAGE DOMAINS button on the bottom of the page and click on it.