How It Works

DNS Azure is a high performance DNS service combined with naked (root) domain redirection. This allows you to use all power of cloud computing with a simple DNS interface. There is a variety of cloud services available, but not all of them support naked domain names (i.e. vs Our easy http redirection allows redirecting naked domain requests to any subdomain.

Instant Validation

DNS Azure validates your addresses right when you enter them, giving you feedback if the server was reachable or the address resolved. The overview page gives you a simple view of all records and their online statuses.

User Your Own Registrar

You can continue with your own registrar, as there is no need to transfer the domains. Just make sure to update your information, specifying our name servers.

Unlimited DNS Records

You can specify any number of A, CNAME, MX, NS, SRV, and TXT records.

Easy Login

You need no username or password for DNS Azure, and you don't need to register. Just use your Windows Live ID, Google, or Facebook account.

Simple Pricing, Easy Payments

You have a single price per zone, no matter how often your IP address changes, how many records you have, or how many DNS queries you get — there are no hidden charges.

We support Paypal, so you have no-risk payments. You can always cancel your payments from PayPal and we have no access to your credit cards.


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