DNS Azure

DNS Azure is a DNS solution that covers all the special needs you have with cloud.

Compatible w/AzureWebsites

You have an yourname.azurewebsites.com address? Did you know that it can be made to work with your domain?

Compatible w/CloudApp

Cloudapps with yourname.cloudapp.net addresses are the oldest Azure websites. Even they can be made to work with custom domains.

Compatible w/TrafficManager

Only CNAME records can be used with yourname.trafficmanager.net addresses. This rules out naked domains. Don't worry, we can make them work!

Compatible w/Azure CDN

You created a CDN front, but cannot make it work as a single website with a domain? We can help...

Compatible w/Azure Storage Blobs

You want to have a static website in Azure Storage? That's not possible, as they don't support naked domains and default documents. Well, we can make it work anyway...

Compatible w/Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is great for static websites and it even supports naked domains, but setting it all up is awfully complicated. DNS Azure can help.

Compatible w/Amazon EC2

Amazon has done a great job creating a reliable cloud service. With DNS Azure, it's all coming together.

Compatible w/CloudFront

CloudFront is a nice content delivery network solution for your website. DNS is absolutetly necessary to make it work. DNS Azure can be cheaper than Route 53.

And... We Do Naked Domains!

Naked domains are not compatible with most of the above-mentioned cool things, but we can make them be.